I Am a Paralegal that Truly Cares

~ Desislava (Daisy) Yordanova

Genuine Caring Service

Originating from Bulgaria, Desislava (Daisy) Yordanova has the passion of a hardworking mother and entrepreneur.  While studying in Bulgaria Daisy graduated with a diploma in International Relations and quickly started up a language school.  Later, after graduating from the Paralegal Studies program at Everest College, Daisy set sights high and rather than taking the easy route and applying for a position in a firm, Daisy pushed forward and started DK Legal Practice.

To profess genuine experience requires much more than the citing of a length of time.  True experience involves exposure to broad variety of legal issues and situations.  Experience is about much more than having tried something once.  Experience involves refinement.

Legal matters are stressful and carry a sense of urgency even without the approach of pending deadlines.  DK Legal Practice recognizes that, in addition to quality professional advice, prompt attention can relieve stressors.  Efficiency reduces time spent - and saved time saves money.

Diligence in reviewing the little things is a big thing; as with legal matters, often a small detail makes a large difference.  At DK Legal Practice we seek to leave no stone unturned as part of our commitment to serving your best interests and finding a satisfactory resolution for your case.

Legal cases involve much more than just precedents and courtrooms; most importantly, law is about people.  Caring attention with empathetic concern for the human side of clients is what DK Legal Practice strives to deliver.  Indeed, quality case management involves genuine client care.

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